My First Day In Germany

Never in my life had I dreamt of the possibility of traveling in an Autobahn. Ever since I played NFS Porsche this has been a dream road for me to travel in! What is so lovable about this road – no speed limits! Of course certain sections of it do have limits, but it is still too good to drive around; especially if your local cabbie has a Mercedes Benz! That’s another thing to notice in Autobahn, every 3rd person is driving an Audi or custom made sports-bike!

In fact when I observed the highways of Germany during my travel in connecting flight, it resembled the flow of a river – that smooth! And houses when looked from way above so much reminded me of those hours of game play in AOE :o)

I reached my hotel soon. It is pretty good. Though I was pretty tired, I decided to do some quick necessary shopping. I think the first thing one should get is an international calling card and pre-paid SIM connection. In case you’re traveling from India or UK or USA better get the must have German two-pin adapters (the ones with pretty long two pins).

While shopping for these I also realized that things were costly. I mean one converter pin costing three hundred Indian Rupees is damn expensive! But I was told to take the cost of living in Europe into consideration and not try to convert – something that I haven’t achieved so far.

The buildings are good looking and so are some of the cars! Landing on Saturday was great, for I got to see the weekend life style of the people around. The whole town seemed to be set for shopping! Of course I got to see some weird ones too. One guy was completely drunk, wearing a pink bunny costume, right in the middle of a busy road.

My purchase and roaming around culminated with a visit to a friend’s place where I had dinner. I must admit the view from 15th floor was amazing; especially when the Sun decides to stay put till ten O’ clock in the night!


pavithra.rajesh says:

Nice to know that you are having good fun out there :o) . But I still wonder how you managed one whole day without your favourite cup of fresh, hot tea (C) at 3.30 PM 😀 . Hope you get used to it soon :o) .

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