Monkey Business

It had to be here somewhere! The alarm clock… Strangely it was just giving a humming noise; it must be broken!

I woke up a bit dizzy. ‘This isn’t my bedroom… What’s with the stink?!’

Who are those kids and why are they behind bars? They don’t seem very sad.‘ It was then that the ‘aaha moment‘ hit me.

I looked down on myself and noticed the transformation. ‘I am monkey in a zoo! A shiver went down my spine – or whatever it is that a monkey has.

This is horrible! I am not just any monkey in a zoo; I am a monkey in a zoo with no idea about it’s own body. This must surely be a new world record for monkey dumbness level!

I was barely out of this predicament when I realized I was not alone. The rustling of leaves above confirmed that.

Quick now! How do you say “Hey there buddy” in monkey dialect? It wasn’t as if I had aced my languages you know!

That thing looked huge. But I couldn’t make up whether I should stay or run. It circled around me a few times. It must have realized I am no normal primate for it backed up a little and let out a loud roar.

It did not sound like a threat. Seemed more like a “let me out of here“. That wouldn’t be the first time someone did that to me in my life!

It took time but finally it dawned on me. This is not going to change-this monkey business. I should probably treat this like another job and move on.

I crouched, put my back to it and made the leap. Perhaps being a monkey is not so very bad after all. At least now I’ve got the attention that I desperately needed all this while!

The irony wasn’t lost on me. I had my life and made a monkey of it. Now I am a monkey and trying to make a life of it!