In a fit of rage, I was!
With no one to reflect it upon,
With a rage burning within,
I turned to face the object of my distress – me!

I took a vase and hurled it at the mirror.
And with a crash it came down.
Cried I to it – “Break down you coward
The mirror seemed to reflect my senses – it cried back!

Coward! Who, me?
And it showed me with great pride,
For it didn’t crumble, neither did it shatter,
In the sense we mortals do. It had multiplied!

It didn’t shade away.
And as if to ridicule at me,
It shone with every little fragment;
And I was drawn to its magic – like a bee to a flower!

What a creation?” exclaimed I!
Pondering at the lesson I just learnt.
Ouch!” that stung a bit – the mirror had tricked me!
I never forget to repay my debts” said the mirror to me!

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