Meet The Statesmen

But I guess there were some really good (and humorous) notes left as an after effect of watching them for those 10 minutes. For instance:

  • I do not remember seeing any moment of them giving the indication of the (well known) violent beasts hidden within them.
  • At no point of time, did I hear any profanities being uttered; no matter how frustrating and tough the trivia got!
  • Some of them did know about Tagore.

Well what do you know? Enough things to cheer about till our centennial Independence Day Celebrations.

But of course, I am over reacting to a small incident. There were indeed some ups during the course of the video, which could have made any Indian proud.

For example, this was the best answer I could hear during the whole program:

R: “Who wrote the National Poem?
P3: “I don’t know.

R: “Who wrote the National Anthem?
P3: “I don’t know. Really, I don’t know.

Thank goodness, there is at least one honest politician out there!

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