Meet The Statesmen

Well I’ll give it a try though. To sum it up in one single sentence, not even (by sheer dumb luck) was one member of the RS able to provide an answer to ‘both of’ the questions! One or two got Tagore right; but unfortunately, had this answer to the wrong question.

Now I won’t go on and say that it is mandatory for a politician to know all this. We are after all free to decide what we want to know – being the great democracy that we are.

Yes, it is not a sin to be ignorant in such extraneous issues.

I think it was a video clip with honesty written all over it. The way in which our beloved statesmen tried to avoid such trivia – well what can I say? It was a treat to watch!

Now I won’t pull my punches here. I’ll say… I really hated it! The very fact that our elected/ selected few happen to have no expertise in a subject which is so very critical to their domain – meaning a bit of National History!

But at the end of day, nothing will change. The masses will continue to elect certain things which in turn will select a few more until that they reach a sizable number capable of causing enough chaos at the very assembly to which they were chosen; a position and place, which they were supposed to take care with dignity and honor; not ruin it with broken chairs and blasphemous language.

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