Man Is A Crazy Being…

He sees the open vast lands
And is not satisfied with it
He splits himself into territories
And proclaims he’s a patriot!

He knows no god and yet
Wants to defend the unknown
Practicing strange beliefs, fighting
And sometimes killing the seen for the unseen!

He makes out he is no immortal
And knows too that he never shall be
Yet plunges into that mystic search
Within and outside – for that everlasting soul!

He sees a beautiful flower and the furious winds
And knows he owns the land
Only as much they do; but still spills blood
Over the gentle fields in the name of equality!

He has felt nature’s fury
And knows he can’t escape the elements
Yet spends a lifetime building, from the same mud and clay
From which he wants to shield himself – a home!

He wraps himself in sheets of cotton and wool,
Calling it couth and curt; confused between
Modesty and protection does he roam
With his head held high!

He needs time and money
For anything and everything
But unfortunately can’t borrow either of these…
The things which he created!

With so many separations and hypocrisies
Does man exist; shrinking himself further
Into a tiny speck, wondering what went wrong
And why he hasn’t mastered himself!

And with the weakening calipers
Of true love and hope does he cross sins and wrongs
Walking a thin rope called life; realizing rather slowly,
That he’s indeed the craziest being!

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