Making A Documentary

The video making did not go without glitches of course! First the problem with handling a video camera for the first time; we had filmed everything at a low resolution when there was scope of making one with better resolution. Then the voice over session – we had even purchased a new mike for this purpose. Finally the horrible and troublesome part of editing the video. It required nearly two days of lucubration to get the video to its final stage! Windows Movie Maker was a useful tool but I guess it is not the greatest considering the amount of time it took to spot the errors!

Finally after three days of hard-work we had our video – perhaps not the perfect one, but definitely a great first film! Hope we do get to bag something for all the hard work; sigh – guess this will be in everyone’s mind 🙂 Anyway, let’s hope for the best!!

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  1. 😀 it is really a great and wonderful achievement inspite of your busy official work. (Y) Congrats. keep it up. (F) My best wishes for your growth in the new venture.

    With love

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