Making A Documentary

Our first thought when we started was

What are the policies/ practices that we can talk about? Certainly there wouldn’t be more than two!

Guess we were wrong – totally! There are very good practices relating to water treatment (both drinking and sewage), gardening, electricity management, wastage disposal (not merely that of paper and plastic but anything and everything we can think of, including trash like tea bags, carton boxes, medical waste like syringe etc)! It doesn’t stop there; there are even policies and practices relating to water recycling in air-conditioning systems, rain water harvesting practices and etc. Definitely worth more than the prescribed 7 minutes of video! The great thing is ours is one of the smallest centers of our company! I hear there was even more topics to cover in case of the bigger ones.

Sometimes the concepts and eco-friendly practices are simply overwhelming! Take for example, our company’s policy of not using any chemical pesticide or manure and their ability to develop in house organic manure; or even the policy of making sure empty paint cans are resold to their retailers, not with the thought of making more money, but to make sure this hazardous waste goes to the person who knows how to recycle/ reuse it and hence prevent the wastage of resources in making additional paint cans!

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  1. 😀 it is really a great and wonderful achievement inspite of your busy official work. (Y) Congrats. keep it up. (F) My best wishes for your growth in the new venture.

    With love

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