Love to Hate

So what is everlasting?
Love or Hate…

I just pondered over this
And came up with the obvious…

Neither is!

Your hatred for your neighbor
Is not going to last…

Neither is your love
For your ‘so called’ best friend!

Sometimes in moments of pity
The hatred abates.

And in a sudden spasms of jealousy and mistrust,
So does love, flounder!

There is no singularly hated thing
As there has never been someone who’s loved!

They say ‘love is blind’
So is it with hate, I believe…

Your hatred for something
Will never mean another’s too.

Just hovering over the concentric circle of ‘you’ or ‘me’,
Neither love nor hate can withstand the test of time.

And guess what the irony is?
As long as one exists the other surely will survive!

Like twins of a different kind!

You can’t say you are in love
Without believing there is something to hate.

Who knows, your love may have been,
Just could have been a result of the anti-hate!!

Probably there was something in the thing
You loved which lacked some things you hate.


But even this can falter,
At moments insignificant to the naked mind!

Love sans hate and hate sans love is impossible
Just as impossible as you and me sans love and hate!

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