Lost In The Desert

Ahoy there rider!
You, who comes to explore me;
I welcome thee to my open lands
Welcome thee to thy death!

Men die in their prime
Thinking I welcome them with open arms.
To intrude is fatal and
There are no exceptions to this rule.

I am not a question to be answered,
But just a mystery to remain unsolved!
I am the living proof of constant change
Not even change escapes my hands.

With dunes of sands and trees virtual,
Unreal bliss and ethereal shadows
I have feasted on the agony and madness
Of countless men!

Survival is a myth
And life is so dire,
Heed to the warnings
Of these friendly dunes!

I am no killer I tell you
Just a loving mother,
Protecting the few hundreds that
Feast on my pristine sands.

Come to me, come to me
I welcome thee to thy grave,
Come get buried, get cleansed
While you walk your last few steps!

Let me surround you,
I promise to nurture you and
Then like the sands that bury you quick,
I swear to consume your hope and smile.

So when the vultures feast on you
Don’t blame my innocent winds.
For you come here to chase shadows
And shadows are all that I can spare!


akila says:

For you come here to chase shadowsAnd shadows are all that I can spare!But if u do, well past these…I shall show my heaven on earth

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