Looking Back at 2012

It’s not a review of the movie if that’s what you are thinking. Just looking back at the year that went by.

This year was a whole lot better than the past year as far as health issues are concerned. We were back to Chennai for the new year and what a difference that made to us.

We did have a lot of house shifting around mid year – out of our home to a rented one; so in a way that was tiresome. My mom did have a rough finish to the year, but that was kind of blessing in disguise for she is now with us. In a way things are going fairly okay (touch wood) post this.

Not many changes in terms of work life. Things going slowly but I have a feeling it is progressing to something good now. Hoping things pace up (in a positive sense) early next year.

At home kids are keeping us busy. It’s sometimes real fun to have two kids running around in the house. Watching them  growing together has been utmost delight. Yeah it definitely gets messy everyday, but there’s more good to it than bad. So definitely worth it!

Looking around, i.e. at the world around us, nothing much has changed. One tyrant replaced by another; one disaster after another; too many psychopaths running around with guns; more than a desirable number of folks going unpunished for heinous crimes. Man there were so many such bad incidents this year.

My heart is, kind of, broken thinking about some of them. But my mind says just one thing – move on. And move on we shall; hopefully to a much brighter and better year.

Here’s a wishful thought for 2013. Less chaos and more happiness. Have a fantastic new year everyone.

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