Life Speaks

Ever fancied wishing something
That can never be yours?
Ever thought of things that could
Never happen in the first place?
I do all the time. And to tell you the truth,
I wish such things, every second of my existence.

I am my own merry misery.
I am a happy solitude.
I am warmth, affection and love.
I am beyond mortality.
I am inside you and outside too.
I am that spirit called ‘life’.

Still my happiness isn’t complete
I cannot survive this loneliness
I scratch my un-healing wounds
I go searching for a missing piece…
It’s no longer a simple quest.
Time’s no healer; it’s a bloody ticking bomb!

I am the one who nurtures you to a gentle growth.
And within the whisk of an eye,
Poke a needle, bursting the balloon.
I am the deadly sin that created you.
I am yours truly;

It’s a pity that I begin only to seek the end;
The end that annihilates me
A full stop always follows a complete sentence.
Otherwise it ceases to be one!
And it’s my curse,
My story can never take another course…

What can one do to attain peace?
The thing that each one longs for,
But have never been one inch nearer to.
I am not any close to the truth than you are.
But here’s the good news…
‘You ain’t alone in this silly game!’

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