Life Beckons

The Sun sets in the West – that’s what we’ve been told; or made to believe rather. Well, it’s certainly not the case here. I know it may sound stupid. But this place, wherever it is, never seems to go dark, something that I can only feel, for I seem to have lost the power of my sight; strange though it may seem, I can feel the warmth of the light. Anyway, I’ve always believed it’s all just relative – this light & dark business. You might conclude that I am lying; that would be a hasty decision. You haven’t seen, ahem, gone through what I’ve experienced here!

In case you are guessing that I am delirious or maybe nuts, I would say hold on. You can ask the other folks over here. Yup, I am certainly not by myself, there are zillions; they’ll tell you for sure. I can’t see them, of course, but I do sense their presence just like with the light and warmth and whatever! I’ve not interacted with them. I did try to speak once and found that my mouth got stitched or something the moment I opened it. Yea, that I accept is certainly crazy but is most certainly not a lie. I got sh** scared initially, but I am okay with it now. I have learnt to survive like this.

One other amazing thing about this wonderful place is no one ever feels hunger or passion or sadness or ego or jealousy or any of those familiar emotions! Now I am not sure whether it is a boon or a curse. But that’s how things work here. No one eats, no one craves for one another, no animosity, nothing to lose, there is no motive to live, yet everyone seems at peace and, quite obviously, no one ever talks. It’s absolute silence. But everyone is sure they are here for a cause. Isn’t that great!

I wonder how long I’ve been like this, trapped in this… this suite or whatever you can call this. Heck I can’t even feel my limbs or anything like that anymore! There’s nothing unconditional about this place except for the silence. It sometimes seems painful, but is sometimes so beautiful. Everything seems constant yet moving, distant yet so seemingly near.

Nobody governs us, that’s one another perceptible thing. No petty politics, no promises, no tirades, no lives at stake, no unwanted lies. But I’ve always had a strange feeling that someone or something is guiding me somewhere and I’ve the hunch that whoever it is is certainly doing a great job! Don’t ask me why, as I said it is just a hunch.

Given all these facts I still am not able to guess this place or my position here. Things simply seem to keep changing ever so subtly. That is perhaps the only thing in sync with what I’ve experienced before. I mean this ‘change’ thing! I definitely need to know where I am. My curiosity is killing me!

Why am I getting the strange feeling that I am being slowly moved out of this place? Don’t they (whoever they are) want me here anymore? The idea may seem outlandish, but I certainly don’t want to move out of here! But I don’t want to resist either. Damn! This certainly doesn’t seem too good all of a sudden… I mean this conflict of ideas. My peace seems shattered. Why do I seem so fragile all of a sudden! Am I undergoing a physical change? What is happening to me?

A few earthly years later…

The Sun sets in the West – that’s what we’ve been told…

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