Kodai Trip

What can I say… The last three days have been absolute bliss. I am sure none who have spent their time in nature’s bosom would dare say otherwise! I am just back from a trip to Kodaikanal – The Queen of Hills.

The travel was fantastic, the scenery was simply breathtaking. The trip was sadly short-lived (counting the days) but I am sure it will remain etched in our (me and my better half) memories forever.

The upward journey, from Kodai Road, wasn’t as tedious as we expected. We had one quick halt to take pictures of the famous Silver Cascade falls before moving to our hotel. The hotel we had zeroed in on was pretty fine and the local cabbie was really cooperative (and I have a close friend to thank for both of these). After getting refreshed we had a quick look around.

Thanks to a wonderful pointer (from a very close relative) we decided to visit Berijam forest (a must see place) on our very first day. We managed to get permission from the forest department through the local cabbie. The lake view from Silent Valley and the surrounding fauna was a welcome break for a city bred like me! Tales of ghosts haunting the forest trees in the evening added to the enchantment this place had cast upon us.

We had lunch by the lake at the bottom of Berijam forest, with not even a single soul to disturb the peace and quiet. We roamed around the place for sometime before we went back. We tried to check out the so called anti-gravitational forces of one part of the hill known locally as Thoppi Thooku Paarai (roughly translates to the rock which lifts the cap)! But we couldn’t witness the amazing process in its entirety.

We had a quick visit to Moier Point before we went for boating in the calm waters of Kodai Lake. Having still a good one hour free time I boldly took a decision to cycle around the lake! The gross miscalculation that one would do seeing the lake is it can be circumvented in 10-15 minutes which by all means is a complete underestimate! Allocate at least half an hour if riding a single seated bicycle or fifty minutes for the two-seater. The circumference of the lake comes to around 6KMS; that roughly translates to two days of pain and torture for your legs (if you happen to be a person who has shunned exercise for the past one year)!

In spite of this we came back to the hotel room, a bit refreshed I would say. I never knew that silence could keep ringing in one’s ears!

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Sriram says:

WOW – to say the least….the blog was impressive, choreographed to perfection. – Probably a travelers guide to Kodai. As rightly summarized the memories "lingers on!", evident from the narration and the pics illustrated here. This blog will for sure be a remainder of those priceless time spent amidst the nature's fascinating and marvelous creations on the planet.

picsFoo says:

good writeup and impressive photos!

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