Italy Trip

How can one give an epithet to indescribable beauty? Roma was stunning not just by looks and grandeur but by the sublimity of its exquisite past; Caesar’s Rome took me by storm. For those wondering, one can still get a glimpse of the old Rome amidst its modern surroundings. The view of the now dilapidated Roman Forum still gives a grand view of how life was lived there 2000 years ago.

When the tourist guide took us into the Colosseum (with its Arch of Constantine) and out through the ruins of Palatine Hill (overlooking the Roman Forum) my view of Romans transformed from fighters and conquerers to architects, artists and wonder workers! In a way I am glad we took a guide for the Colosseum, because otherwise it would be just an old ruined building. One wouldn’t appreciate the details of the holes in its massive pillars or the details of its hypogeum or the finer details of its construction without being guided around.

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