Italy Trip

How many days do you get to wake up in the morning and see a river flowing right beneath your window? How many times in a lifetime do you get to end your evening walk amidst a world wonder? Have you ever taken the road which “really” leads you to Rome? Italy gives you a chance to do all this and more!!

Before I make this post look more like a tourist advertisement, let me say that this post is entirely personal and opinions could differ! Our (me and a friend of mine) journey began with a trip to Venezia – the city that floats! We ended up citing water buses as soon as we walked out of the railway station.

The city has a lot to offer in terms of cathedrals and museums. Given our timelines, we managed to loiter around the city by foot, shop for brand new Italian spectacles for myself (as I had managed to break my frame in the train) and cover the most important San Marco to get a good view of the city from atop the St. Mark’s Campanile. There was a crowd at the basilica, as in many of the prominant places in Italy. We also went to the nearby Doge’s palace which really took a lot of time to cover. We then went to our hotel, dumped our baggage and then were off to see some beaches in a nearby island, though I admit it was thoroughly disappointing!

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