Incongruous Thoughts

The question is ‘What happens after death‘? Do we go anywhere beyond? Do we still have some sort of physical restrictions or do we keep roaming the vastness of space unawares to the living and we ourselves unmindful of all thoughts? Do we still manage to touch and feel? One thing is for sure; our lease with the physical form that we carry will end. And with it shall end a life time of cravings and desires; burdens and borrowings; sufferings and sorrow; happiness and love??

The irony of life is that we build money or morale, values or habits, thoughts or actions, do good or bad; we shall carry none forward, if at all there is any such forward! We, who are desperate and delirious for most of the life to reach one goal after another, meet a sudden end regardless of cast or societal status. All life forms for some unknown reason BEGIN and END (period).

In spite of whatever intellectual abilities we manage to develop it still won’t be sufficient to answer the basic questions of life and death. Our imaginations have been squared around the smallest possible box. Perhaps it’s the only system in the entire universe sans loopholes  our mindset of life and death.

And in between are the choices; what people term (for reasons known only to them) good and bad, right and wrong. Like the branches of a tree, life spreads these paths in infinite directions. Even if we take the trunk we would probably reach the top. But no; it won’t suffice. The journey is long. Why make it monotonous? A choice already branched!

Life is no race, yet we take it to be one. You see one going up faster than you, you loose? A race for the same thing which accepts us in-spite of what or who we are. People know it, yet they won’t accept. The facts are here to stay; they slap us straight across our face a zillion times, yet we carry forward with our ignoble plans. Holding on to delusions (and clarity at times) we leap across branches swaying to the tune of times.

I can go on playing with your thoughts, speak incorrigible words and even proclaim profound knowledge in the vagaries of life; but what’s to be will be. It can’t be changed. No money or power is so great as to defeat death permanently. That’s not spoiling the fun. Think about it; life is more exiting because of the sudden stop at the end!

The question is not ‘What lies at the end of the path‘; the real question is ‘How you reached it‘?

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