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It’s been a long time since I heard pleasant news on TV. The reporting channels seem to be very busy scooping up the latest filth, add a little bit of spice and call it the way to live and showcase it happily to the whole world. And the entire world falls for the crap without even raising a question!

I think the last piece of happy news was… well forget it. I am not so good at remembering something that happened over a decade ago… Yesterday’s news had something to do with a week long strike carried by one of India’s biggest bank, hot debates on Indian reservation (no not the railway reservation) system…

There used to be a time when the media shunned away from showing anything gory on TV considering the fact that a lot of kids and other people whose sentiments are easily hurt by too much blood and violence will be watching it. I guess those days are gone for good now. An individual’s sentiments seem to be the last thing in the minds of the news casters.

It is a well known fact that people tend to watch such bad news much more than the good ones and wonder where this world is going to. The news channels make a good use of this. They say bad news sell. I say it simply buys the idiot in us.

Call it the showcasing of reality or whatever, this is one day going to lead to a world without too much harmony and people without smiles! The media should remember that bad news is going to leave more impact than the good ones and try to set a balance.

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