In Case You Are Down And Out

It’s so unfair to say
Life is all just mud and clay;
For it’s in the same sticky soil
That the flower blossomed;
Your tryst with life began
All bright and gay!

You can settle down saying
The sun has set in
Or relax and enjoy
The late evening chill;
Life’s not about dealing with dawn and dusk
It’s what’s in between where you are left to fill!

Love crushed? A romance failed?
Why so troubled? Why this gloom?
It’s not the end of line.
Life’s just a book of chapters
Chapter number two is just a flip away
Just run to it and you’ll see your life bloom!

Did you fail to achieve that goal?
The target you had marked for so long?
Don’t feel let down
This is not a dead end.
How could you not hear?
Door number two just cracked open!

Confidence ripped apart
Born never to see the light,
Just dragging along the ground
And roaming the gutters in the dark;
No it’s not a picture of you,
Didn’t you notice this is your shadow’s job?

For some the rain is all trouble;
Soaking and drenching and mashing a bright day.
And for few – it’s pristine beauty,
A time to watch nature in her primal way;
You can either enjoy the storm
Or just sit back and wait for that ever evasive calm!

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