I Wonder…

If I can just capture every single thought,
Every dream and nightmare,
And spin a thread with all of
My greatest wishes and dirtiest ideas
What will I end up with?

What to call that feeling,
When I meet the love of my life
Tell I long to be with her and love her above all;
Is that the success of my love?
Or is it just the beginning of test of times?

What will it be to conquer all my hurdles?
To vanquish all my enemies,
To erase all my troubles and emerge a hero!
Will the fickle heart be satisfied?
Or will the treacherous mind thirst for yet another thorn?

How will I feel?
When I come to know, I chose the wrong path
And when destiny guides me to the right one;
Will I have the guts to run away from all I have?
Or merely lead an existence amidst fallacies?

What will it be like, to know my fate?
To know how it is all going to end,
This life with strings attached;
How the thread will burn and wipe itself out.
What will it take, to stare in fate’s eyes?

Life, death, success, defeat, love
Am I caught in a quagmire?
Are these just mere feelings with no meaning?
Will I ever find an answer to the unknown problem?
Or worse still… run out of the questions keeping me alive!

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