I “REAP”ed My Reward Today!

In so far I’ve only one small trophy to savor in my life. This one was while taking second place in a Dumb-Charades competition held at my college (we lost the gold thanks to a “sleepy” mistake by yours truly)! So today when I happened to receive another one and that too from some corporate heads I must admit I felt VERY glad.

It was not for any technical prowess; it wasn’t just another trophie or award; it happened to be for the thankless job of monitoring one of the most wildest place in corporate world – the Bulletin Board (a place where everyone feels he’s the king, minister et all) of my company. Truth be spoken, it is for a far more noble commitment from my side – monitoring the only literary forum of the BB.

If I had gone to deliver a vote of thanks, these would have been my words:
I would like to thank my company for this award and delivering justice to all our hard-work in an otherwise thankless job!

Yeah, that would fit in just fine. It’s a different story that I didn’t get to deliver any quick speech (luckily).

The award was called “REAP” (REcognizing Achievers and Performers). There are a lot of forums out there but our team did a special job of nabbing a literature pirate! So kudos to us 😉

And I was even more glad that my wife could see me go up on stage to receive the award! The award was shared with a couple of other folks from the bulletin board monitoring committee.


Pavi says:

Congrats 🙂
Having heard all kind of stories about how you managed the everyday conflicts in BB amidst your hectic schedule at work, I would say – You really deserved it 🙂
Felt so proud while watching you receive that "REAP" – An organization level award, in which only a hand full of the whole lot get identified as best performers 🙂
Wishing you more such success in the years to follow 🙂

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