Hello 2012!

It’s that wonderful feeling all over again. Time to start everything afresh. It’s new year time, of course. 2011 has been a year of downs and ups. Kind of bumpy, and I am sure looking forward to 2012.

The world changed a LOT. There were revolutions; democracy started seeping into places where it was unheard of before. And the so called “biggest” democracy has now awakened to a new dawn. Things head in the right direction, although midst a lot of turmoil.

India won the world cup! Yeah that definitely makes into news of the year (kind of news for the decade). A billion dreams came true. More reasons for the kids around to pack their cricketing gear 😀

Demons in the form of dictators and terrorists had a real tough time. Android took over the tech world, got sued like crazy and then, well… took over the world once more. Hurrah time for the developers and mods sitting around! So in all everything around seem to have been positive during most of the year past.

Except for the occasional earthquakes and typhoons and a nature-cum-man-made disaster that put a lot of question marks around what human beings are capable of during dire straits; not to mention a disastrous financial decline in Europe and America; a lot of political turmoil in middle east, and coups in Africa;  another financial meltdown in Asia only added more flavor to the already stinking brew.

Of course, that was not a complaint! It was more of gloating at how much we humans are capable of, pushing the limits in every possible way without going mad or something like that!

Personally, 2011 was a different dawn for me – in China. I was looking forward to an amazing run i.e.  (l)earn a lot. Things did not work out as planned. I shifted places, where it got… kind of worse 🙁 It was a bit like slow poison. Over a period of half a year, things got so sore that I headed back home. So it would be quite normal if I say that part of the year went really bad for me.

Then things did what can be termed as a U-turn. Winter turned out to be a second spring 🙂 It continues to be so for now. As I write this, the world has completely changed around me. Things have lightened up a bit and I am hoping the storm is past me now!

A lot of people are saying – this is it. The year 2012 I mean. End of line for human era or things like that. Something tells me we will continue to stick around for some more time; stretch those limits even more.

The number of ideas of how to haunt mother nature (and each other) are limitless. So are the innumerable ways where we end up creating more and more beautiful thoughts. The big book just flipped over by another page. More than ever, it is now practically impossible to break our run!

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