Goodbye Nokia

Towards the end of a blissful 1.5 years, I was on the lookout for my next big tech investment, not because the N82 was fading away, but rather because I could smell something huge shaping up! I was all but sure that the next best thing in the market ought to be the next BIG Nokia mobile! I’ll say that I was definitely correct in assuming so, once I laid hands on Nokia’s first ever maemo mobile.

I was confident that Nokia would move away from Symbian with all the troubles it was facing in terms of competition from Google and apple; with the shame it was put to when it’s latest touch-screen flagship (the great N97 series) flunked! I felt Nokia’s move of bringing a new platform meant it was moving away from the resistive world of Symbian touch. I made a mistake of being over-confident (and foolish) for Nokia had spent millions in shaping symbian to what it is today. Looking back, the move by Nokia, to introduce maemo, seems to be more of a chide rather than a threat to Symbian!

Coming back to the device itself, it would be ridiculous to call N900 a mobile; it was more of a hand held computer with a phone added on! A true powerhouse and drool worthy in many ways. The physical keyboard did make it a tad bit heavier. But hey who cared about the waistline when it could do almost everything you needed a mobile to do. If I had to highlight some of the key points it’d be:
1. Great community.
2. One of the sturdiest Nokia builds EVER – it’s a TANK basically!
3. One of the best laid QWERTYs!
4. Awesome processor.
5. Fine camera.
6. Damn good browser (one of the few mobiles with in-built support for flash in browser).

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