Goodbye Nokia

My tryst with mobile phones began roughly six years ago when my mom got me a Nokia 3200, which at the time of it’s inception was a great mobile. I’ll say I was smitten by the technology bug soon after entering the fascinating world of handhelds.

It was not long after I started earning that I realized the phone I had in hand was looking like a child’s toy! I wanted to feel something that I could look up to and soon hooked myself to a brand new Nokia 6270. It was definitely a solid phone and a good performer. I could never stop searching up for more games and apps each day. I’ll kind of put this as my first real tech addiction. I ended up playing more games than I care to remember and tweaking, fiddling and cuddling the phone most of the time. I never realized I’d be giving it away soon!

If my first phone was too pricey, my third one was kind of overkill! My friends, to this day, remember me rushing off with my first bonus to get this one gadget. Yeah, I’ll say, some people kind of ‘freaked out’; but my N73 was definitely worth the dough. It’s hard to describe that feeling when I owned my first N-Series device. I could pull every sweet move with this gizmo. This was the first device that made me realize how damn good it is to own a high-end. I couldn’t help flaunting it.

Technology is human driven and humans are basically MAD. Common sense would have told me to stick on to this phone till the very end but within a few years I got my next mobile. Yeah that is one way to drive technology too – just go after it like crazy!

To this day, I can vouch that no other mobile cam I owned has been able to beat the sharpness and clarity of the lens from N82. It ruined me altogether in terms of benchmarking for good mobile camera and, in a way, went on to encourage me in getting my first SLR! I am sure every owner of this amazing gadget will know what I am talking about and how wonderful it feels to shoot in it (even under low-light conditions).

After trying out the advanced features of this phone like maps, music and N-gage (boy were the games sweet) I felt pleased with the overall quality of the device. I would even recommend N-series to every friend who’d ask me for advice while buying their next mobile and I don’t think I’d regret that. The initial set of N-series devices can surely be considered as the peak of Nokia (so far)!

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