Goodbye 2009!

2009 had been a great year for me. The birth of our baby boy only made it all the more special!

Personally speaking 2009 was THE year for me. Though I would admit that I missed many festivities of my home (Pongal, Diwali to name a few) I was nonetheless relishing a new found love for travel and photography. My personal travelogue was cramming up with lots of new places and this time I was travelling to places that I had only dreamed of ever seeing!

I am still spellbound by the beauty of small places, the sights of pure nature and the ecstasy of being amidst historical spots and grand places. I would relish my tour of Italy and France and would fondly remember our trip to Swiss more than any other. I loved my short visits to the middle east. Spending a great part of travel alone (if you don’t count the camera) is quite a unique experience in its own.

But more than the travel and clicking around it was the new arrival in March that sprung my world alive. Though I wasn’t really there for the big act, I did feel a great many things changing around me. Slowly I started to realize that things won’t be the same anymore! Maybe it’s fun to have a kid around but it is simply beautiful to see a baby growing up. It garners that lost respect for nature and that love for life that has surely been confounded to monotonous routines.

Once my family were there with me the travels were no longer the same. I’d say the focus shifted from seeing places to spending time with them. Life simply changed a gear and the wheels started to move ever so fast. Before I even realized half a year had gone by – blurry but still flush!

By end of year I am back at the place where my heart belongs – home. It’s time to say good bye to 2009. A lot of good memories and new friends is what I would carry forward onto the next one. 2010 awaits… I hope this dawn is more prosperous and lively than the one gone by!

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