God’s Play

At a time when people complain
That luck had never been
True to them and,
Divinity is a remedy untrue!

At those moments when
You hear all doors close,
When the guiding light
Feels like another myth!

At times so strained,
Burdened as though with
All the pressures of the world
My heart has learnt to fear – an unknown!

It is just a chapter away,
When they who complained – shall rejoice and smile;
You who saw darkness – will be blinded by the light of truth;
And my heart learns another lesson – to overcome its fear!

Little did we know,
Our gloom signaled a strength within;
Or was it just that
God rolled the dice when none was awake!


No name says:

"God rolled the dice when none was awake" – nice!!

nrajesh says:

Thnx 🙂

Narayan says:

Rajesh,Phenomenal is all I can say… your words are oozing with wisdom. I see a philosopher who has ripened and a poet who is bubbling with imagination and a fellow seeker seeking and searching in this infinite continuum that continues to befuddle me!LoveSriram

nrajesh says:

Thnx Sriram 🙂

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