Getting Away from 2013

Blank! That’s what comes to my mind the moment I think about 2013. Neither here, nor there; neither enthralling, nor a let down.

The past couple of years have had  a flavour of their own. Personal or professional, there were unforgettable events that have left their imprints in my mind forever.

2013 was generally a year of lying low, so to say! We were in and out of financial troubles; had our minuses and pluses in terms of health. But that’s about it I guess. I fear this blog post might be nearing its end at this juncture had it not been for my wishes and wants.

I am praying 2014 to be a far more action packed and eventful year. Hopefully it will take me to places that I long to see. Perhaps it will manage to fulfil our financial needs.

With this year both my kids will be in school. I am hopeful to hear about the new interesting things that they get to learn everyday, in their own excited voices 🙂 I am also eager to spend more time with them than with gadgets; I think that’s my New Year’s Resolution.

I am also planning to stop procrastinating my daily exercises and get a healthy morning routine going everyday. I don’t have any big motivation right now, but I seriously need to learn how to keep myself fit enough!

I am also praying to settle a few long pending debts. But this is more of a wish than a resolution. I guess my resolve then is to try and find ways to keep me and my family financially healthier.

There I said it all, I guess. My wishes, wants and desires for this year. Nothing out of the ordinary. But the extraordinary does begin by taking such small steps. Here’s hoping that 2014 marks the beginning of an extraordinary and wonderful part of my life.

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