Garmisch Trip

I am back from a great trip to Garmisch. The feeling is mixed as this was my first real trip with my son but it was rather too short – as always!

Ideally I shouldn’t be proclaiming this as a trip to Garmisch as we hardly saw anything at the village itself. This trip was more about our visit to the top of Deutschland and a beautiful lake in the vicinity!

The beauty of Garmisch is probably not the village it is, but rather the access it offers to more scenic landscapes. I guess we made full use of the opportunity. The train journey was cheap, not so comfortable and long. But we pushed back our tiredness and started to Zugspitze as soon as we were in our hostel.

Nobody had warned me of the pricing of the zugspitz bahn/ cable car and I realized how much costly these tourist spots can get. After shelling more than I would be willing to we took a short journey till the station of Eibsee, from where we took the shorter route (cable car) to Zugspitze. The trip though short offered some great views of the lake and the nearby mountains.

Here we spent time climbing the mountains and taking a look at the stunning mountains. After a couple of hours we started down the same way we had come. Though still awfully short of my usual coverage limit per day this was all we did for the whole day.

I had no real plans for the next day but decided to visit Eibsee as against visiting the nearby town, but finally settled for the lake as I was told that it is really beautiful and as I understood it it was something not to be missed. It turned out to be true. The lake had some stunning views of the mountains around and was an excellent place to spend a sunny afternoon.

We did a little bit of boating before heading back. I just wished I had my swimming trunks around. But in all it was truly beautiful. I end this short post with some pics from the great place(s).

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