Fou(w)l Thoughts

Just a thought which occurred to me while going through a magazine which described the killing of thousands of Fowls during the Bird Flu attack…

It didn’t take the scientist long to decide on the fate of the thousands laid in front of him. They were to be done away with. The instructions were clear and they had come from high up…

Come on, what are you waiting for?” he ordered his subordinates.

They didn’t hesitate much either. It was a regular practice for them. Only this time the number was huge. One by one they started to do their job, in a mechanical way. If it had not been for this flu they would have ended as soups or in someone’s lunch/dinner anyway! There was not much of a thought process involved. Just twist their head to one side and keep at it.

The scientist had left the task to his juniors and left. He was not much interested in looking at the proceedings. He was a pure vegetarian :).

Look at this one!” said a subordinate. “Wow he must be really eager to keep himself alive. Come on man (looking at the squealing soul in front of him), what are you going to do being alive – earn a Medal. Don’t waste too much of my time. I have a job to do.
Unable to control his anger anymore, he gave it a 360. “Twat!“.

Stop that. Don’t be so cruel to it!” said the newbie.

So what are you going to do? Start an organization to stop their killing? Just shut up and do your job.

Man, just wait till this flu thing is over. I am all quits then! Why the heck am i killing so many innocent when we know clearly that only few hundreds are infected‘ the fresher thought.

He was here just to learn something new. Until he was put up in this assignment that is.

There is nothing much left for them anyway” the first one rattled along. “It’s just for them to serve us one way or the other. Look, i don’t mean to be rude or anything but you will get used to this. Okay“.

Twitch“! Another one went down fighting.

Is it over?” the scientist was back again.

Yes sir its almost done.

Thank goodness. That’s the whole lot from our section i believe. Good to know we chickens are safe from these…” continued the scientist, slightly ruffled his feathers, turned back, and left the place in peace.

The next morning the headlines read:
Scientists cull 2000 more. Human Flu on the decline!

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