For the Love of the Game

The evening paper carried the news of the miserable loss and a short list of what the correspondent of the cricketing section felt as “the most ‘out of form’ batsmen in current times“. Needless to say, the ink spelt Vijay’s name.

Kumar read the whole stuff with a pain in his heart. No his son didn’t deserve such criticisms from some deranged journalist. He should be the hero for whatever he had done so far; for all the struggles he had put up with! He needed a lot more support than what he was getting now.

At least our townsfolk will be with him‘ he thought. He knew the comeback was just around the corner; ‘I can understand; the people can too!‘ he felt. He knew the townsfolk would make sure the son of the soil was not alone in his fight. Vijay was the pride of the town.

He saw his wife bringing him coffee. ‘How calm she can look even at such times‘ he wondered. There was a deadly quiet surrounding the house all of a sudden; so much so that the silence seemed to ring in his ears. ‘Something’s wrong‘ he wondered and that’s when he could clearly hear the silence stir slowly into a low drumming noise feet rushing below.

Come out you slime!” a voice screamed from below. “Can’t teach your son any better lessons or what?

Crash!“ the windows came down unable to bear the brunt of the stone; so did ‘the belief‘ in the nobility of the game.

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