For the Love of the Game

However, they still watched the match to the end, hoping that some miracle would happen. Probably, it would rain out of a clear blue sky and the DL method would come to rescue their team at least this once!

But the result was evident and straightforward.

One of the workers switched off the television unable to watch the replay of the last wicket. Nobody complained.

Guess the kid is takin’ us all for a ride“ Jaggu spoke in his usual gruff voice.

No Jaggu bhai; he’s just not in his best form today!” A lone protestant. He was silenced almost instantly by the general mood prevailing in the crowd.

TODAY? When was the last time he crossed the forty run mark?‘ Jaggu broke in.

So what can we do? He needs to pick himself up or pack his bag up!“ another critic in the making.

The latter option didn’t go well with the crowd either.

Just think of what the neighboring town folks will be thinking of us if he’s chucked out! We ought to be ashamed if any such thing happens to Vijay. No we need to make sure we put it to him clearly what we want, so next time he comes to crease he’ll know who he’s playin’ WITH.“ Jaggu continued and was pleased to notice a few nods.

So what do you expect us to do? All of us take a petition to his home?“ the lone protestant again, this time amidst more stares.

Everyone looked up to Jaggu, their newly uncrowned leader.

“Ya!” Jaggu’s voice dragged. “That’s a good idea; I think we should!“

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