Here we go,
Walking on the shores of life
Speeding all the way!

We walk the line,
Like ants following one another
Crawling all along!

The shore is long,
And the waves are strong;
Pulling and sucking us all.

The sand is a quagmire,
All mushy and squishy,
But nevertheless we trod along.

Hounded by needs,
Bothered by predicaments;
Still we manage to survive the jog.

Sins and crime,
Kindness and compassion,
Oh yeah! The journey is a sweet song.

We walk and trudge,
Through this all,
Acknowledging the perils and love!

We all are same,
All through the passage,
Except for the paths we take.

Some get crushed,
Some humbled;
And for some the path is cut short.

Some fall for their desires,
Some spread the message of love,
While walking this testing shore!

We walk and walk,
Till we fall apart
Crying and withering in pain.

Until one day we see the end of line;
We smile and laugh and forget the past
We have reached the very end!

We turn around and look,
This journey is over;
We have come a long way.

There’s nothing more to do,
Than to sit back and admire
The footprints we all made!

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