Finful Cravings

Ya, I did, really! Boy, I was a bit scared initially. I was dumb then; not anymore! I was caught during some hunt; was thinking they would have ended my misery by chopping me off, but I guess I was captured by the wrong set. Ya, that is the most horrible thing about them humans, not every one of them think the same way. Some of them are, rather too kind, you know; always caring and all.

But they aren’t so bad either. They’re different, but they are human, get what I mean? They had such big places to live; I couldn’t even understand half of what I saw! My life amongst them is a totally different story!

I know what you are thinking. Why is this fish headed to a stupid fish school, when he likes humans so much? You must be crazy to think that! What do you think? I’d say I am headed to the hunting place and Ms. Mckney would simply lemme go, just like that? She’s one crazy fish! And at least this time I hope I end up being killed. I know it’s a weird thing to say, but I guess we fish are weird anyway.

Ah! I see the bottom of those things, what do they call, yeah boats. Guess my memory is up for a toss. What am I saying fish – memory! Guess I am loosing my mind. Oops again…! Boy, I am getting too excited thinking about all this. Anyways, I can see that hook thingie. I am coming people. Serve me for dinner!

So if you are a human who eats fish and see a silly little fish with big eager eyes on your dinner plate, guess that would be me; and, by the way, there’s no points for guessing what I’d want to be next time god asks me… See ya!

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Interesting story.Thanks for sharing..

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