Finful Cravings

Hello Ms. Mckney

Hello Tom; hope you are not into your weird thinking about humans again!“

No no, Ms. Mckney. What more could I ask for than what I have now. Sorry, I’ve to go now, getting late for school you know.“

Sure Tom. Bye and be careful. I hear those humans are for their hunt again; stupid people, won’t let anyone live in peace.“

Sure, I will. See ya!“

Sorry about that. Now that is one dumb fish. Who would call those great species as stupid eh! Now where was I? Yeah, the master beast; you know the humans not only know to terrorize they know to love too. Now you tell me who cleaned up the big mess from the oil spill? Who saved big Mac – the whale you know, when he was stranded on land by the high tide? Who can have the good heart to help dangerous Rex & co when they were being hunted for their meat? Human of course; now, could a tiny fish like me have done anything at all during those times? No siree… I am telling ya, it must feel special to be a human.

It’s true they hunt us down for food but some of our own kinds do that to us. Now tell me, would that ever happen in the human land? Nope. I mean humans kill only when they get hungry; I am sure you must all be awe struck by the amount of knowledge a little fish like me possesses. I guess I can attribute my intelligence to the few days I was at the small fish tank.

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