Finful Cravings

You know sometimes I wonder what we were doing just before being born on this planet. I believe every creature has the same god and I guess we were all chit-chatting with god just before being born in here.

What were we talking about? I guess god would have asked us, so what do you want to be this time? And guess what would I have replied?

“Me, I want to be a fish!”

“Boy, was that a dumb answer! Now, tell me who would want to be a stupid little fish swimming in the bottom of the ocean with no job to do; consistently fearing a predator, just floating around with no idea of what to do next. I guess I must have been an idiot to have asked that. I guess the rest in the queue behind me must have laughed at my dumbness.’

“So what would I have been if not for a fish; what do I feel like being the most now? Tell me which creature rules land, water and air? Which species can terrorize the rest with just its mere presence? Which is the only animal which can actually THINK? Ya tell me now. You would have guessed the answer, if you were not a dumb fish of course!’

Boy, what must it take to be a human? How proud must the feeling be to rule everything on this planet. Must be an honor to be like that; you now the master beast!

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Interesting story.Thanks for sharing..

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