Finding my Sanity

I woke up one Sunday morning
Eager for mom’s special treat
It came without any warning
My life, now, had a whole new beat.

I walked out of my little home
Wanting to enjoy a quiet walk.
It was completely out of tone,
The chaos & the boisterous talk.

I knew that by the next right turn
Stood my favourite Ice-cream van
It was clearly a misguided run
For I stood brooding like a broken man

Butterflies on lilies, wind in the willows,
There was surely joy in the big park.
Alas! It was nothing but silhouettes
Today I was clearly missing the mark

I thought, it cannot really be all that bad
When I meet my friends by the fun fair
Oh! How ego makes even a sane mind mad
Snapped twigs, broken words make a great pair!

Morose, sad, falling in an abyss
I loathed the roads I had taken
More so, the many good paths missed
A lump in my throat, from words unspoken.

In that moment I felt a tug
Snapping me from free-fall
I was the recipient of a lovely hug
And for that moment, my soul stood tall.

I had almost forgotten,
As life seems to skid on dry ice
When you sense the story has rotten,
Sanity is found again – in your child’s eyes!

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