Eddie or better known as “Tough” Ed was one hell of a worker. Slogging for more than 18 hours a day-7 days a week is no mean task. He was one of the young workers in the buzzing socialist colony of Bouzo – a place where one could always find the “work–>earn–>work” rule in its full swing. Since he was a kid, Ed had never been trained in anything special apart from picking up the goods on his back delivering it at the store house and getting “peanuts” in return. It was, as his father had once told him, the only means of existence – to survive the caste driven policies of Bouzo. “You can never become anything other than a worker, as night can never become day” his father used to tell him.

His dad had died while trying to carry some goods which were simply too heavy for him. “Crushed by the weight” said some; “Crushed by his age” said a few more; “Crushed by Bouzo” thought Ed. It didn`t matter, death of one ageing worker in a colony which was reproducing twice it`s number every few days was no big deal for anyone.

“Death doesn`t blow you away. It delivers you – of this life – to freedom!” his father`s words were ringing in his ears. But death was never in Ed`s mind. He knew he would get used to it as countless others had done before. The trouble was winter was near and they had to work thrice as ordinary to stash up enough goods to survive the tough ordeal.

And then there were the good for nothing – way layer`s. Always taking amusement in robbing the hard working Bouzoans of their well earned rewards. Attacking, killing and plundering at their own will. The soldiers of Bouzoans were always up on their feet fighting the menace since ages. As it is with any war, there were no victors. Just some innocent workers dying, trying to protect their puny belongings.

And then there were the floods, simply wiping out half of Bouzo and the surrounding colonies before one can wink an eyelid. If at all there is someone because of whom Bouzo was still being the buzzing center that it is today, it was the working class and yet there was little that the government would do to help them in times of need.

Ed like a zillion others ignored all these and worked fiercely. “For betterment of OUR Bouzo” the work masters used to tell them and he slogged day and night, ignoring the open space that was inviting him to explore beyond the boundaries of his colony.

“Boundaries are drawn by the horizon not by governments”. But poor Ed had no idea. He was simply doing what he has been told since he was a kid – “follow the line”. He will “survive” his life and probably have kids who will follow the line. A government like that of Bouzo will flourish under the toils of its workers.

This story is not about Ed. It`s more about “the colony” in general. Ed was just an example of how things go around. Who ever said being an Ant is such an easy thing?!

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