Festival of Lights

She is the golden ray

The dawn on a foggy day

She is the harbinger of joy

Of hope, peace and love…

The almighty blessed her with strength

Many an angel wished her good luck;

A speck of cosmic dust – that’s what she is!

Born to live in our little world.

Entwined this thread

Of divine design;

We shall walk the path

Of good future foretold!

A smile so catchy,

Eyes that show true innocence,

With movements that shall churn the winds,

She is definitely nature’s most beautiful gift!

She is the precious morning dew

That is going to amaze and enthrall;

She is the gift of life

Yet another bundle of joy!

A million things, she will learn

A thousand emotions, will she embrace;

Many an accolade shall come her way

As she lights her own path of life.

She’s all the colors

That make up the world

A beautiful spark in god’s mind

She’s our amazing festival of lights!

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