Eternal Spirit

You exist formless like the wind
You take no shape and yet
Complete the incomplete
Filling my void.

You are the solution to this enigma
You mark that final missing piece
The jigsaw finished
All questions answered.

You are the purest being – unblemished
You desire not and don’t chase shadows
You are impervious
Blessed contended soul.

You are the one that connects everything
You sprout time and again, filing
The coffers of time
Past, present, future.

You are the lesson everyone has learnt
You remain unfathomable still
We seek you
Flame of Knowledge.

You are the light in the darkness
You are the harbinger of joy
You are unbound
Unchained free thought.

You are the unseen presence
You offer no divine sighting but
Exist you do
In mind’s abyss.

You are the answer to every prayer
You mirror the true image of God
The ever omnipresent
One true master.


Geetha says:

Very nice continue writing like this

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