Escape From Reality

In all effectiveness fear fuels hatred, lust beckons anguish, greed sows the seed of misery and jealousy douses the flame of love. If only we know what we do to ourselves through words said and unsaid, through actions done and withheld, then, perhaps there is more chance to free ourselves from unwonted ends, escape from unexpected twists of fate and maybe even find a better salvation to our otherwise miserable souls!

As we move on from the sweetness of childhood to the melancholy of adulthood in discontinuous harmony, we end up losing focus of the root cause of this discord, mostly giving in to insignificant events during this melodramatic life. The wheels of time (our age that is) know neither exoneration nor does it give a chance to correct our whimsical mistakes. We end up leading life as it is not intended to be mechanical, disdainful and many a times despondent!

A vast majority of us are content with leading a lackadaisical life and then fade into oblivion. But despite the lack of objective what types of situation we get ourselves into! Circumstances where we grow covetous of our own kith and kin, when we can’t see eye to eye with the ones whom we are supposed to be truthful to, thoughts forever caught up in cobweb memories and our souls nothing more than an entangled mess of desire, sin and vengeance. I wonder if we look at our inner self and ask these questions how many of us actually find answers let alone satisfying ones:

  • Do (or did) I have an intention in life?
  • Am I doing what I had intended to do?
  • Is what I am doing solving a higher purpose in life?
  • Would my conscience ever be pricked by what I do presently?
  • Do I even know what I am doing?

The greed to earn more devours the hunger to yearn our true cravings. In the end, all our real aspirations are buried under this mound of rubbish we build around ourselves called life, where there are no alternates but to keep on piling more trash. There is no choice to look beyond or behind; it’s like building a brick wall with no purpose for it other than to be just a wall no windows or doors, neither good enough to protect nor to seek shelter! One fine morning, the wall simply caves in!

I really wish there is a nice conclusive note that would help you believe you can surmount the difficulties of life – to build a non-existing optimism. But I think even killing something, as bad as pessimism, just for the sake of a good ending is not justified. Alas as long as I am stuck here I shall continue the journey the same way as others – as it is not intended to be and hope to lead nothing more than a dreamy existence!


shilpi.mittal11 says:

This is so true!! Life is a maze and we are lost between sanity and reality…

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