End of the World

This is it! The end of the world or so they say. My condolence to the rest of the world!

A few years days ago I would have considered it nigh impossible to write this. This bizarre and non-scientific thought that everything we love so much, care so much for is about to come to an end, based on a mere prophecy. I agree. Everything that has a beginning has to have an end – no exceptions.

Let us just say, for arguments sake, that this is not a true prediction; that someone goofed up somewhere; that the earth we live in, won’t face any catastrophic events tomorrow. What then? Would we find comfort and solace that we can proceed to live the same mundane life that we have (most likely) lived so far?

Can there be something positive in this whole Doomsday scenario? Why can we not start afresh – a whole new leaf? Us humans united in the fight against everything that is generically considered evil. I know what you are thinking. This is nothing more than a feel good thought. This won’t happen in a night and definitely not in this age. I wish I could agree with that pessimism.

Imagine that tomorrow children can go to school with no worries about potential psychos; kids can walk the street knowing for sure that the strangers they meet will do no harm to them; a girl can live life her own way with no thoughts about those lecherous eyes preying her flesh; old people living in peace with their kids grateful for whatever they have achieved so far (no matter how little).

A highly contrived notion. Perhaps this is a thought more foolish than the whole D-day thing. Yet I cannot help imagining this paradise that, I am sure, everybody envisions at least once in their pithy existence! We, who have seen the power of unity in so many myriad forms, struggle to give shape to the one thing that we dream about – day in and out.

How do we do this? Where do we begin? Is it even worth taking an effort?

If by chance you are pondering to put forth any of the above questions to me, believe me, you have already begun – in earnest! This cannot be a one man effort or even a specific group’s motive. This HAS to be a stance of every single action that each of us take, every single law that is put forward henceforth.

I am sure everyone is wondering about the nay-Sayers, the scheming few who will end up taking advantage. I have a question – when did anything worthwhile, in the known collective memory of humans, ever get achieved without a fight? Isn’t truth about fighting back? Isn’t decency (of livelihood) worth the years of struggle?

So what if tomorrow the world ends? Any good thing ever to have lived has achieved what it was meant to. Everything else – is not even worth speaking about.

So I ask you the question burning in most of our minds – if everything we have ever known in this small blue marble of ours were to “really” end by tomorrow, would you be happy to be cleansed of filth and hatred or would you be thinking of the good moments (no matter how short) that you have experienced? Would we be proud of what we have achieved so far, or die feeling miserable that we never conquered anything beyond this tiny little dot?

It is not about the world ending you know. It is more about how willing we are to start together with a better mindset – everyday, Doomsday or not. Now wake up from that trance and say goodbye – to everything that we wish to get rid of. Let us get ready to greet the end of the world.

Please do not worry the world will end tomorrow. Do worry in what state we leave it behind!


Pavithra Rajesh says:

Wonderful write up. Thought provoking indeed!

Loved the paragraph- “Imagine that tomorrow… ” Wish I could really see such a tomorrow.

And the last line of course – I think you nailed it there!

Sripriya Srinivasan says:

Excellent and very refreshing. You can even think about writing a novel (serious ly)…even Sripradha says so…

nrajesh says:

Thanks for the encouraging words. I am glad you guys liked it.

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