Cyber Security Learnings & 2018 Resolutions

  • Two-Factor Everywhere: Begin using 2-factor authentication; not the SMS one, but using your phone itself (or an Authenticator app) as a second factor. Warning: The situation can quickly get out of control, should you lose your device or uninstall the app without a backup!

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  • Pull the Plug: I would be a fool if I consider my list as complete without stating the obvious 10th commandment! As part of this ill documented sport called browsing online, I know that I will (at some point) allow myself to be tracked and gamed online; there is no better YouTube yet! But at least, have counter measures in place and to state the obvious don’t live entire life online!

It is important that you know that the above measures won’t earn you new bunch of friends on social media or get you to your dream job; in a way these could be detrimental to both! But that was not the intent of my post. Neither is the above list meant to be an exhaustive way of ensuring safety/ privacy online.

It is also important that a resolve starts in a meaningful and simple way. So I have kept this post simple.

Hopefully by practising some of these and turning them in to a habit I will be able to stay ahead of scams and phishing attacks this year. Happy 2018 everyone!

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