Cyber Security Learnings & 2018 Resolutions

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  • Find a better e-mail service: Agreed this won’t be on the to-do list of many people. But it is essential we start to learn to hide private life from online profile. Start by stepping out of the comfort of using the routine mail services like Gmail, Outlook etc. ProtonMail is a worthy recommendation. If not, at least consider using Gmail and utilize its feature of appending random characters with a “+” after user name or modifying the username itself by displacing the “.”. This technique won’t help you if you use the same Gmail id everywhere! Ultimately some evil genius will work it out and get to you.
  • Use a Two-Way Firewall: This is a new learning for myself. If you feel that the inbound firewall on a Mac/ PC should do good for the common man, think again. I would like to reiterate the very first point of this post.
  • Anti-Virus is an essential evil: They say that most anti-virus out there are just a crooked way the scammers make money and most Anti-Virus simply slow your laptops. But sometimes you need to bribe the right people to stay safe out there ?. In a way this point is more for computer security, but I believe this goes hand-in-hand with cyber security as well.

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