Cyber Security Learnings & 2018 Resolutions

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As long as you’re talking about making Cyber Privacy 101 as your new year resolution too, here are what I consider as essentials to achieve it to a good extent:

  • Turn Google off: This would be a kicker if achieved even 50% of the time; because they are the best when it comes to search. But do try some alternate search engines like DuckDuckGo – they work!
  • Avoid the TOP 4 browsers: Don’t you hate it when you visit some random site and you see ads based on the site you visited a week ago ? I am presently giving Brave browser a spin.

VPN on: There’s a disclaimer that goes with this point. You need to find a trust worthy VPN service (& this is easier said than done)! OpenVPN works good for starters but I think you should research more before making a decision.

  • Use a Good Password Manager: I have seen a few advocates against this. But I honestly do NOT understand how you’re supposed to set complex passwords for each site you login to without coming up with some obvious pattern or guessable password. IMHO this is better than turning that “Remember my password” checkbox on ?. 1Password and LastPass are very popular choices.
  • Private browsing on: In extreme cases of going under the hood this is very much needed; even with the browser of your choice! It is definitely not very comfortable UX, but knowing that the browser won’t cache your passwords or site list somewhere should make you more comfortable.

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