Cyber Security Learnings & 2018 Resolutions

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In the past, new year resolutions have been a miss-hit for me. I have had my run-ins with the usual suspects:

  • Physical fitness ambitions that were, simply put, over-expectations.
  • Financial goals that simply ruined my everyday happy living.
  • Commitment to family life that was easily hijacked by my techno addictions.
  • Blogging pledges that soon turned into woeful unread posts.

Unmistakably, in all those occasions, my resolve was immature, unoriginal and just unwritten decisions that were made up in one corner of my brain; fast written and soon forgotten! This time I am going a step ahead and even penning this publicly. Talk about bold moves! ?

Some bitter run-ins with the nasty side of the internet has bought on this necessity and what better way than to turn those experiences into something useful. They say some harsh lessons are needed to make the learnings stick to memory. I say no more!

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Here are some most common issues that I came across (through friends and myself) in 2017.

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