Coorg Trip

The last day of our trip turned out to be the most hectic. We started for Thala Kaveri a little later than planned. Stretching for around two hours, the journey was really long.

I was hoping that it will be worth the while considering the fact that we were traveling uphill and will surely get some relief from the heat. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Our destination was the origin of the source of the river Kaveri and is considered a holy spot by many. The actual spot of origin has been converted to a shrine. After visiting this we spent some time taking in the beautiful hilly terrain.

We reached the bottom of a stairs that supposedly led to a view point. I went up this and took a few good snaps of our surroundings. We couldn’t stay much longer for once again the heat was peaking.

Our next destination was to Raja’s seat in Mercara (Madikeri) which is the centre of Coorg. But on the way sickness caught up with my wife and kid. So we decided to cut it short and decided to just make it a sight seeing visit.

We lunched at one of the better hotels. By better I don’t mean good. We traveled back to our home stay and had only enough time to settle our bills and thank our host.

We reached Mysore railway station just on time to board our train. Looking back at our three days I am glad that we got to spend some time together. But I just cannot help feeling that Coorg could have been more kind to us – I mean, in in terms of the climate.

Somehow it doesn’t feel right that we escaped the simmering heat of Chennai only to fall into another such place. If there’s any consolation it is in knowing that Chennai touched 40 in the last two days while we managed to get a 30 in Coorg.

I also got the feel that we traveled too much to see too little. Probably that’s because of our choice of place of stay and our own health condition. Hopefully our next vacation will turn out to be a lot better in the aspects.

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