Coorg Trip

Day 2 was more hectic when compared to day 1. It began quite early. The kids were very active, probably realizing what was in store for them.

Dubara is an elephant camp that is around 20 km from our home stay. Our host was kind enough to arrange for a vehicle (a pretty good one). After a short while we were taken to the banks of Kaveri and informed that the camp is on the other side of the same.

A boat arrived and promptly took us to the “mini” elephant land. I cannot pick a more apt word because of the number of elephants we got to see when compared with a similar place in Alappey.

It is to be noted that this stretch of Kaveri doubles up as a white water rafting site post monsoon. There were a few such boats getting rented on site by those, who were desperate to strike out rafting from their bucket list (the water was hardly flowing)!

There was an elephant ride being organized, but it’s probably a rip off for the queue was extremely long, the movement of the crowd was terribly slow and the time of operation is rather slim. By this time the sun was beating on our back really hard.

We tried finding a decent restaurant in Kushalnagar and to our chagrin there weren’t that many. We settled for one by the circle and it was about average.

We payed a visit to the nearby Buddhist Golden Temple which was reminiscent of another I had a chance to visit in Hangzhou. There was prayer going on on the inside; the sights and sounds of which were scintillating to us tired travellers!

On the way, we had a look at the Nisargadhama monastery from the outside. Thanks to the relentless heat and cranky kids we headed back to the home stay.

We caught up with our host who spoke about his other businesses of coffee grinding, jam and pickle making etc. We payed a visit to the farm in the premises. The greenery was astounding!

By evening the climate changed for the better. We spent some good quality family time playing badminton, cricket etc. We also had a ball of a time teaching some of our childhood games to our kids. Overall a much better ending than day 1!

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