Coorg Trip

I’ve been on vacations that are determined by time and money. But our trip to Coorg will go down as one of the very few that was determined by our health (or rather the lack of it)!

We had a rather troubled start when my wife fell sick, then followed by our daughter. But we decided to trudge along, nonetheless thinking it was just common cold.

By the time our train started our son showed symptoms of sickness too. By morning, when we eventually reached Mysore we could sense that this was no ordinary cold.

By good planning (or shall we say luck) we had medicines to get going. We realized Madikeri will surely have good medical facilities too.

Our cab driver clarified to us that, our home stay was in Siddapur and this is pretty far from Madikeri. The route to Siddapur had a few surprises of its own.

Local tribals on drugs welcomed us in their own unique style. Such groups were present for every few 100 meters and insisted then we donate for each of their cause as liberally as we can. In short it was an organized mini-day light robbery.

I remember mentioning that our hotel/ home stay was in Siddapur. You can strike that off now. The moment on cabbie spoke with the owner of our acco, he made us realize that our place of stay was another 10kms further. Deep Woodz lived upto its name indeed!

Considering the health of our kids and our own tiredness + the realization that any travel will mean a 6 km mini-safari ride with more potential run-ins with local tribals, we decided to stay put for the rest of the day. It turned out to be a wise decision indeed!

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