Coming To Age

The first person took time and gave his card; the man at the other side tapped something in his computer, took his time and came up with a bill after around 5 minutes. Probably early morning blues you know. I knew it won’t be long before the process speeds up. Then for the second guy it was equally long and for the third probably a bit longer. This was not working out the way I had planned.

The next guy in line was not helping either. With around three EB cards and no idea of mathematics, this guy started giving out money in all denominations to the person in charge, who for his turn started bellowing at him in his face. Not only did he stutter with his maths, the guy had no idea how much he had to pay for each card. After what seemed like and eternity the guy finally moved on.

Then there was the case of this neat looking guy, in front of me, who decided to pay his money as a cheque, not knowing this branch of EB does not accept any thing other than hot cash! So he had his argument for another fine ten minutes by the end of which the official had to give in and decided to let him go with a warning.

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