Coming To Age

Just when you think you are mature enough to handle the pressures of life, some incidents decide to show up, making you rethink your confidence levels. You don’t have to go places to meet such events; just a visit to the friendly neighborhood EB office will do.

Well my mom used to take care of such trivialities of life when I was busy conquering lands or killing enemy soldiers in my PC. She decided she had had enough of me lazing around and sent me sprinting… probably not exactly, if you don’t consider traveling in a super fast Chennai auto as one!

As soon as I caught one ‘innocent’ auto-waala and declared my destination he looked at me stunned and extracted a promise out of me that I shall return back in case there is a queue of more than five. I almost laughed at his preposterous request, but did as he bid and stuck a good bargain (in terms of money) which in itself is an achievement if you know the how the auto system operates in Chennai.

As soon as I went in to the counter to pay the bill, I could see two queues. One had more than ten and the other around seven people. I threw my stupid promise for a toss and decided to stick around, you know, probably around ten minutes or so in the smaller one. Just when I had done so, few people from the bigger queue moved and formed a smaller queue on the other side.

I would have laughed at those silly people had it not been for the voice from behind the new counter which asked for the first person’s card! Oh heck, how did I miss that one! I was stumbled, shocked, but I decided to remain faithful to my line come what may and stood rock solid undeterred by any more diversions.

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kannan says:

hello rajesh, nice blogs, didnt know u have such nice nack to write so interestinglykeep the good work goingkannappa

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